About Us

Mission Statement 

The mission of Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Specialists is to provide optimal care for  fitness, wellness, musculoskeletal disorders, impairments and injuries.  We will also strive to improve patient as well as community health through individual, industrial and group education.

Vision Statement 

We are dedicated to optimizing health, fitness, and the care of simple as well as multi-dimensional patient problems in our community through excellent patient assessment, care and education.

Our Values Include: 

Compassion: We will seek to understand others and respect their feelings and ideas. 

Integrity: We will make every effort to meet the highest ethical standards of conduct and observe the confidentiality of our peers and patients. 

Excellence: We will work together to provide the highest quality of service possible.

Efficiency: We will try to meet each others expectations and provide services in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Environment: We will try to provide a positive atmosphere in which colleagues and patients have the opportunity to contribute, grow and improve.